Regulations for car insurance and required coverage


Car insurance law and regulations are different from state to state. Compared to other states the minimum coverage is very low in Florida. The insurance laws of Florida follow the no-fault system. The drivers are required to carry their own insurance in the no-fault system for their own protection. It is very advantageous to everyone because it does not matter whose fault it is, the insurance company is responsible for paying for the damages caused by accident.

Required coverage

Every vehicle in Florida has to have minimum personal injury protection of 10,000 dollars and a minimum property damage protection of 10,000 dollars. The auto law of Florida does not require the drivers to have bodily injury coverage. But most of the insurance companies in Florida do not sell policies without minimum bodily injury limits. According to the Financial Responsibility Law, if the driver is accused of an accident that has body injuries, he must possess full liability coverage.  

Proof of insurance and financial responsibility

Get the standard car liability insurance policy that has the best benefits. Provide the cash or securities to the FDSMV to get a Financial Responsibility Certificate. Make sure to obtain the certificate after posting a surety bond. You can get the self-insurance certificate if you can provide the evidence of required capital.

Documents required

In general, the insurance company will send a notification to the FDHSMV regarding the proof that you have provided. You can provide the below listed as the proof. The ID card that is provided by the insurance company, insurance policy copy, the self-insurance provided by DHSMV, Form E that furnishes the details regarding the motor carrier body injury and property damage liability, insurance policy binder and the combination of surety bond and insurance policy.

Places where you need to provide the documents

If you are asked by the police

When it comes to document checking there is no specific time and date. The police officers have the authority to question you and ask you to provide the documents.

During vehicle registration

During the vehicle registration process, the officials might question you regarding the documents. If asked you need to provide the documents.

When you are getting your license reinstated

If at all you are getting your license reinstated after suspension, it mandatory to produce the documents for verification purposes.

 Failure to maintain financial responsibility penalties

Before going to the details of the penalty, one should know that it is better to have these documents all the time and maintain them properly. Maintaining them properly will help you avoid getting into a lot of problems. You might be an experienced driver, but no one knows what is going to happen the next moment. The penalties for not maintaining proper documents include suspension of driving license and vehicle registration for a minimum of three years. The suspension can be revoked by providing the necessary documents. A license reinstatement fine of that might vary between 150 to 500 dollars.